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Name - Romatem Hospitals

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  • Specialist-- Fetal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology Oncology Surgery Oncology Medical

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Romatem is the first and only medical brand in Turkey specialized in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation. The first rehabilitation center of the existing network was established in Samsun in 2005. For more than 12 years center have been working in Istanbul, Bursa, Kocaeli. Today, Romatem is the largest network of physiotherapy and rehabilitation centers in the region.

Among the diseases treated at Romatem Rehabilitation center are:

    ?????? ???????cerebral palsy;  

    ?????? ???????neurological and orthopedic injuries; 

    ?????? ???????sports injuries; 

    ?????? ???????sclerosis and multiple sclerosis; 

    ?????? ???????Parkinsons's disease;  

    ?????? ???????back and neck pain; 

    ?????? ???????cerebrovascular diseases; 

    ?????? ???????heart attack;

    ?????? ???????brain stroke; 

    ?????? ???????fibromyalgia and others.

Location : 

One of the largest Romatem rehabilitation centers is located in Shishli district (Istanbul). The infrastructure as well as the transport network of the district is very developed: subway, shuttle busses and water transport. There are large chain hotels, some of the best shopping and entertainment centers in the city and shops. Catering facilities serve both Turkish and European cuisine. Near the clinic, there are enough green areas for walks, one of them is the Heydar Aliyev Park. There are bank branches, ATMs, currency exchange offices, shops, pharmacy outlets within walking distance. One of the most famous sights of Istanbul - the Resedence of Turkish Sultans - Dolmabahce Palace, located on the bank of the Bosporus, is located within 10 minutes' drive. Ataturk International Airport is about 30-35 minutes away.

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